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Rakel Liehu

Rakel Liehu

Rakel Liehu (b. 1939) has written eleven collections of poetry and two novels. In the nineteen seventies, Rakel Liehu was regarded as a rare neoromanticist who developed religious poetry in a more philosophical direction. Her collection, Kubisseja (Cubisms, 1992) was the beginning of something new: it is a violent cubistic burst towards a new expression and joy of language. The next three collections, murehtimatta ! smaragdinen (grieve not ! emerald, 1993), Readymade (1995) and Skorpionin sydän (The Scorpio’s Heart) took this line even deeper.


Brains, tenderly scooped out into the light

immersed in a mountain of salt,

now guarded by
a clay figure, spear in hand, Time?
(its rotting strength loved only by the fruit,
the tasty pyramid of its secret seeds)

body soul! game of hide and seek, waiting
(noble pile of bones)

Nefertiti’s nocturnal gaze

From Skorpionin sydän (The Scorpion’s Heart), 1997. Translated from the Finnish by Anselm Hollo.

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