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Mirkka Rekola

Mirkka Rekola

Mirkka Rekola (b. 1931) has published poems, aphorisms, essays. Her poetry has been considered ‘difficult’, thus she has gained wide audience as late as in the 1990’s.


On the stairs one of us was always
going up ahead
and I don’t remember which of us,
I don’t remember being on the stairs
in the street once
walking along together,
you wheeling your bike, our legs too
knew each other, from a far longer
journey our footsteps had rest in them..

From Taivas päivystää (The Sky’s on Day Duty), 1996. Translated by Herbert Lomas.

  • On the stairs one of us was always
  • I stopped by a row of shop windows
  • Many times I saw her standing…
  • The lift jams at some floor
  • The shift from dream to dream
  • Everything had turned upside down
  • I look at the years across this
  • What’s this plump crow
  • A green twilight in the eyes
  • A long time ago I came out of…
  • When the world is full of agents…
  • The sea raises you to your feet
  • Please look after human beings