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Markku Paasonen

Markku Paasonen

Markku Paasonen (b. 1967) is author living in Helsinki. He has published two collections of poems, Aurinkopunos (Solar plexus, 1997) and Verkko (The Net, 1999) and collection of prose poems Voittokulku (Triumphal March, 2001).

A Constantly Turning Baroque


The goat’s cheese that I have just succeeded in swallowing is now grazing in my gullet before its last metamorphosis. Soon it will be washed away into the endless system of tubing, the network of veins that proliferates beneath the paving stones. The body expels the waste and another receives it. Some people believe they are different bodies, but on thorough examination it is clear that they are both part of one and the same liquid-channeling system. I speak of a body which is a city, of liquids which surge beneath the streets, of subterranean waters. I lift a manhole cover and behold a sea which you could never dream of. The sea is a living creature and knows me better than I do myself. When I close my eyes, I see a crayfish that climbs out of the water and stretches out its pincers toward a bloody moon. What does it mean? Of that I do not wish to speak a single word.

From Voittokulku, 2001. Tanslated from the Finnish by Hildi Hawkins.

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