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Leevi Lehto

Leevi Lehto

Leevi Lehto (b. 1951) has published five collections of poems, Muuttunut tuuli (Changed Wind, 1967), Rakkauden puheesta (Of Speech of Love, 1969), Ihan toinen iankaikkisuus (Quite Another Eternity, 1991), Kielletyt leikit (Forbidden Games, 1994) and Ääninen (1997). He also has published the novel Janajevin unet (Yanayev’s Dreams, 1992) and worked as translator, translating John Ashbery’s Flow Chart (Vuokaavio, 1994) among others.

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You (I)

But I will couple you with the spring sky.
I have eaten angel flesh, drunk the moon from the sky,
visited China in a dream and returned to the kitchen at night:
to be my own son and close the cupboard door.

From Kielletyt leikit (Forbidden Games), 1994. Translated by Sarka Hantula.

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