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Kjell Westö (Anders Hed)

Kjell Westö (Anders Hed)

Kjell Westö (Anders Hed) (b. 1961) has published three collections of poems, Tango Orange (1986), Epitaf över Mr. Nacht (Epitaph for Mr. Nacht, 1988) and Avig-Bön (Adverse Prayer, 1989, under the pseudonym Anders Hed). Since that he has mainly published prose.



One has one’s heart
it floats before me
shaped like a pentagon
a sorry nut full
of latent energy

one has one’s heart
I can’t get out of it
I find father in the dry grass
find remains of grandfather in the dry grass
I have my heart

one has one’s heart
wants to pick the locks of children
who are so clearly everything
one squats
in speech’s tainted hollow
is stuck
in blue and yellow and red
paints you over

one has one’s heart
it stays where it is
a bridge needs foundations
waves get by without any
one is a babbling logjam
I am jammed
while phrases rustle
in the dry great-grandfather’s grass
where one has one’s heart

From Avig-Bön, 1989. Translated from the Swedish by David McDuff.

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