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Jukka Koskelainen

Jukka Koskelainen

Jukka Koskelainen (b. 1961) first collection of poems, Kierros (Cycle) was published in 1995. Since that he has published two more, Erään taistelun kuvaus (Description of a Certain Battle, 1997) and Niin lavastetaan lännen taivas (Thus We Stage the Western Sky, 2001). In addition to these works he has published a collection of essays and several translations of poems, by Octavio Paz and Paul Celan among others. Koskelainen was awarded Eino Leino Prize in 1992, Kalevi Jäntti Prize in 1995 and Einari Vuorela Prize in 2000.



I’ve expelled demons from my door, I’m ready for exile,
ready to see Shangri-La, the sand and dust of the barrio.
I’m ready to face the one I no longer hear from.
The year was hard. Time doesn’t heal all wounds.
Smoke coils through the alleys, curtains are smirched with soot.
I have changed sides in secret, denied old relations.
I don’t want the old rites, not really, I don’t miss
Genghis Khan or the other killers. Every prayer was
left unanswered, but the one, wherever he might be, holds
the strings for a while, and the land will be renewed,
words will become wells again, words will become lions,
everything will happen all over again, he will become
part of the land the sea the signs me and the forest:

the seeds, the population of crevices, stabbing shadows,
abrupt ascents that lead to deep seas,
shredded curtains through which you can see distant
plantations, the swollen blood sun above the jungle,
other bloodthirsty beasts to whom we sacrifice,
just like we sacrifice to priests or parchment.

From Erään taistelun kuvaus(Description of a Certain Battle), 1997. Translated by Sarka Hantula.

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