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Juhani Ahvenjärvi

Juhani Ahvenjärvi

Juhani Ahvenjärvi (b. 1965) is poet living in Tampere. He has worked as teacher of creative writing in the University of Tampere and other places. He made his debut in 1992 in the anthology Ryhmä 92 (Group 92, edited by Jyrki Kiiskinen and Kari Levola). Since that he has published three collections of poems, the latest of which, Yhä kiihtyvä tauko, came out in 2005.


The disappearance of memory resembles emptiness.
many people fall ill with it.
The ambulance sings quietly
in the sand-pit

From Viivoitettu uni (Lined dream), 1996. Translated by Hildi Hawkins.

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