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Helena Sinervo

Helena Sinervo

Helena Sinervo (s. 1961) published her first collection of poems, Lukemattomiin (Untold), in 1994. Since that she has published six more. Sinervo has translated poems by Elizabeth Bishop and Yves Bonnefoy and written the lyrics for Liisa Lux’ debut song album (2002).


Before the fingers undo the earth’s buttons
on your skin, the wind has read the book through.
You say something
with your back toward the guns of Kustaanmiekka.
When the surface is too fine,
it cracks and suppurates, I cannot
hear, the fingers enjoy grass
blade by blade.

From Lukemattomiin (Untold), 1994. Translation: The author with the help of Boey Kim Cheng.

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