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Agneta Enckell

Agneta Enckell

Agneta Enckell (b. 1957) has published five collections of poems since 1983: Förvandlingar mot morgonen (Changes Towards the Morning, 1983), rum; berättelser (room; stories, 1987), falla (Eurydike) (fall (Eurydice), 1991), åter (again, 1995) and sitt ansiktes avtryck eller stenens begär (i stenens åder dom bär, stenens tidlösa begär) (the imprint of one’s face, or the stone’s desire (stones carry in their veins the stone’s timeless desire), 1998). Enckell has also written works of text/sound/music for stage and radio in co-operation with composer Patrick Kosk. Among these works are Ord har hål (Words have holes, 1990), No Solution (1996), Icebice/paradis (1999), No Name (2000).


Nearer to God
and sweaty
a breathing
in pieceslit-up
fragments of
like a ringing / hoveringin
a ringing,

voices toneless bowing faces
in a journey,

From åter (again), 1994. Translated by David McDuff.

  • Nearer to God
  • towards the earth
  • one an
  • (ce:
  • a shimmering wing
  • something has been taken from…
  • uncontrolled
  • to desire
  • the light breaks in faces
  • uncontrolled
  • someone walked out of me
  • break the face
  • that birds, the source
  • so clear
  • a cry that cuts
  • there was something I refused
  • a moment
  • and it happens